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Clam Diving in the Congo River | Photograph by Kris Pannecoucke (@krispannecoucke)
“The Mangrove National Park at the estuary of the Congo River is a veritable maze of islands and channels,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Kris Pannecoucke. “Women like Sephora dive up to four meters down in the dark waters for clams. They sell skewers with clam meat in the cities of Muanda and Boma. Entire islands are built on empty shells.”

“What a gorgeous frame! The color palette is spectacular and the framing is impeccable. The shallow depth of field adds to the magic of this image. This is a case where light, color, moment and composition all are excellent!” — @sfchronicle staff photographer Scott Strazzante (@scottstrazzante)




Amazing photo!!


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@lauranne_pa kijk eens naar de fotograaf! Wat een prachtige foto 😍


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Omg..what a wonderful picture amazing @krispannecoucke


Wonderful 👌


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Amazing shot


Just Wow! Amazing!




So good , love the shot! Makes you feel that you are actually in that tiny boat.


Such a pic !


Beautiful pic!

Great capture 👌🏼


This is so amazing!!


Beautiful capture!


Nyc shot😍👍


fantastic 💓




Incredible capture well done @krispannecoucke





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