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Photo @ladzinski / Adorableness aside, companionship from pets is proven to lower blood pressure and increase oxytocin, a hormone that reduces stress. Research has further shown that pet owners experience less illness and faster recovery from serious health conditions. Active pets, like dogs, encourage us to exercise more, even on those chilly mornings when we don’t want to, by spending time outside going for walks. This photo here is of my dog, Vesper, taken with an #infrared camera in the wintery mountains of colorado. The “rings” in the photo are the result of lens flare from shooting into the sun.

1,213,111 Boulder, Colorado



Such a fantasric picture!!!


@f.chavez98 Mira nomas que belleza 😍








Beautiful, I love Arya 😍


@zhalogram buscaremos uno 😚


@canan.canakkale vizeleri düşündükçe ben rfk 😂

Adorable puppy 💞. Love the photo.


In contrast, companionship from humans is proven to lead to premature aging and emotional disaster


Is that photo shopped


That is the cutest ever!!!


@jlg9 ok fine we hey one but somewhere where there is naturw to walk him


Nice angle!👍


So cute & naughty dog 😍😍😘😊💖💖🌹🌹🌹


Everyone digs puppies!


@beedle88 puppy from Boulder, a place close to my heart


Mesmerizing Beauty 😍😘😍


@stephanieflorentina look at this shot of this little bear


Love this ❤️

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