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A young farmworker takes a break from carrying buckets to irrigate a vegetable field in the village of Segunda, just south of Kigoma. Check out the World’s Biggest Lakes and Climate story in the March 2018 issue of @natgeo magazine, now online.

216,220 Tanzania





pretty cool ! 😊




Классный снимок, о чем он думает, можно целый роман написать


@milkyharrison me contemplating how it’s possible to be in love with two men at once but not be able to be with either of them


Oh my goodness, such a nice shot


He is sweet


@dvprsth it is indeed 😍😍


So cool...


This is what i call a great color hd shot...superb👍🏾




cepopre niño😐😣😮


What does the future hold for this kid?


Me encanta, tiene magia


Poor kid


He looks tired😳


What Eyes!






While in the U.S. they eat tide pods. Such a sad world


Deep in thought. I hope she has a chance to enjoy childhood. Great pic. It must be hard to watch.


He goes to school I'm praying! !!


There is so much more to life, than caring water, yet someone has to do it😳


Ojos expresivos!☺




Love these pictures of kids from other countries! Makes me realize how lucky we kids are in the US


Just beautiful


Great picture


Looks like he had seen something deeply disturbing

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