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Romance and cupcakes? What could be better? Don't miss the start of #SpringFever with the premiere of #TheSweetestHeart starring @julie_gonzalo and Chris McNally TONIGHT at 9/8c!



Omg I love this movie! Literally had me crying. I’m glad I recorded it so can watch again


This movie was great! Watched it last night! #SpringFever is off to a great start!


Great Movie!! #HMC. Yayaya!


Nice history, but the couple don't have chemistry...the actors looks like forced for me.


Great show!


@orlandgabe baking and falling in love on hallmark. How did we miss this


Loved this movie!!


@latravelgal ummmm i’m sure i’ll end up watching one 🙄


@sarin_m see - baking!


This seems like something I should be a part of😘


@pollard0720 wish you were here so we could watch it together


Can't wait.


@andreakbrooks you're gonna rock on this movie. Unfortunatelly, I will not be able to watch here in Brazil, but I'm gonna be cheering to be a super success!


@eelias1010 and so it begins lol

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