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This is the episode you’ve been waiting 5 seasons for #hearties TONIGHT 9/8c @hallmarkchannel .. A moment of contemplation before the cameras rolled. Enjoy!! #wedding




@daniellissing I know the passing of your grandfather weighed heavy on your heart that day. Thank you for allowing Jack to love Elizabeth enough to bring such emotion to this scene. Prayers and blessings to your family ❤️


Hallmark ruined the dress reveal by showing a preview clip right before airing the episode. :(


@hazeleyes_33 candles and kids don't mix.🙄




Brazil 🇧🇷wants to see this weeding @hallmarkchannel @netflix @netflixbrasil @erinkrakow @daniellissing 😱😍😍😍


Love this show❤️


I just love this show never miss them.Keep them coming. Beautiful wedding 🎩 I


So handsome! I had happy tears streaming down my face! 💛💚💙❤💜


I loved this! I have been recording all of your episodes.


I was crying I felt like I was part of the wedding great job cast thank you


It was wonderful


It was so real... y'all did good


Emotional ... cried... loved it❤️💕👰🏻🙇🏼‍♂️


Yes it was great 💗💗💗💗


Aww this was so great


I DVR set. Haven't watched yet but can't wait.


I watched it was beautiful.


Beautiful in every way. Have watched since episode 1. Love all the characters and storylines. Love this pairing. The wedding was perfection!! Love the wholesomeness of the series!!


Wedding was so wonderful and vows so touching! ❤💙


@joiceellen quero ver 😍😍😍😍


I loved the wedding! So happy to finally see these awesome characters married.


My heart became full while watching this episode


@carolmenali não faço idéia 😣


I cried! I love this episode!






@ca_leme_ quando vai passar aqui Cá???? 😭😍


Beautiful wedding!




HELP!! I missed it when will it play again?! @hallmarkchannel


Love This Show 💗 it’s my favourite show


I have loved this show from the beginning! This was a beautiful wedding! Now I would like to see a romance blossom between Abigail and Henry! ❤


FINALLY!!!! @hallmarkchannel I have been watching this show since day 1 and I love it (but they should have been married 2 seasons ago😉).
Oh well! I’m just happy they’re finally married❤️😭 #keeptheseasonscoming #season6?




Jack was ready to get show on the road, he was ready for his bride



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