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🚨PLEASE READ below and swipe left and educate yourself ✅📊. This is a picture taken a few years ago to remember that anything is possible at any moment; if not an intentional firearm 🔫, perhaps a sudden accident out of our control that may not even be our fault 💥🚗🚑💦🔥🌪💣😳☠️ (swipe left) Always pay attention, be careful and be alert and oriented times three (AAOX3 to person, place and time) or even x4❗️situational awareness❓CARPE DIEM = seize the day‼️ Make the most of every moment. Smile, laugh often, help others, and love deeply; because anything can happen to anyone, at any moment... we cannot rely 💯% on tomorrow being a normal day, but we can hope for the best, and plan for anything‼️ Is there something you do, if not daily, from time to time to seize the day, week or month❓Please share below and tag a friend/loved one to increase their situational/environmental awareness at some of the most common (possibly preventable!) causes of death 💀 - (swipe left) 👀✅‼️
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was an artery hit? If so, hows it clamped? Did the intestines get hit? if so, hows it closed shut? how is any potential fecal matter cleaned up, are antibitoics used, if so, what kind? At which point, is epi not used??? @doctorjarrett


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Dropping knowledge right here!


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Soooooo, Mexico isn’t s good idea? 🤷🏽‍♀️🤔


Diabetes Alzheimer's obesity cardiac atherosclerosis renal disease cancer.. all sugar related


Meaning all the causes of death related to that...


Look at the data that shows that we've gotten so far away from consuming plants and consume way too much grain carbohydrates and pure sugar


So creative, I should remember this idea, unusual..


Exactly that's true


@ankielombard @japple_pie99 we are 15th on that lift!!!! 😱😱😱


I’m studying to be an ME... death is not always as clear and cut as one would expect, many times I have thought a patient may have died one way, but upon further investigation ie: autopsy, toxicology report, physical examination elect. While the actual cause is something different... The human body is an intricate, sophisticated, miraculous, yet puzzling vessel...take care of yourselves and loved ones, as death cannot be altered... although well-being can!!! 🧠💜💀⚰️💉💊 awesome post @doctorjarrett


great post Dr J! thank you for sharing 🙏🏻👍🏻




Very interesting statistics...thanks for sharing!


@doctorjarrett that’s very informative. Also, you said my favorite phrase: Carpe Diem.... want to get that as a tattoo


Very Informative. @doctor.cher_c and I are touching on one of those causes this week. Thank you for sharing x


Having had breast cancer recently, it's very unsettling to see breast cancer causes more deaths then accidents ...


I guess I'll be extra cautious the next time I'm in South America. 😟


True true, doctor. I am in Acute on-call critical care. Someone can look like they are improving and bam 💥 they code. Gone. Don’t be afraid to do what is right and don’t wait. The moment can be lost forever.


I get those pages all the time in the ED.


Shock shock epi shock baby

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