Antoinette Johnson

When you walk into a party and the designer of your all time favorite game asks for your picture šŸŒŸ Such an honor to chat with Dennis Nordman #pinballicon #pinball #dennisnordman #pinballdesigner #tpf #tpf2018 #texaspinballfestival2018 #texaspinballfestival #elviraandthepartymonsters

129 Texas Pinball Festival



can you ask him who Smarkie is?


Richie, richie, richie, HOLY SHIT Nordman!!!!


@antoinette_johnson Gotta look that one up; for some reason I am spacing out on it!


@ronalbanese I think it would have to be Boomerang, such a fun game!


Hairs soooo Dope !!!!


@ronalbanese most of my favorite games were released in the 80s, so Iā€™d have to think about that one šŸ¤”


All right: what is your fave ā€˜70ā€™s pin?


Looove your style so much! Larger than life character, that's for sure!!

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