Maybelline New York

@ccclarkebeauty πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ slays in this shade! πŸ’‹ She's wearing #superstaymatteink in 'ruler' from the NEW un-nudes collection.

United Kingdom



Can you please tell what is the color of this lipstick


Que color es por favor?


@loyramaria15 quiero uno asi mas extravagnte 😚hermana


@livia_dic11 come disse una persona saggia, Γ¨ finito tutto πŸ˜‚


This colour is available in Spain?😊


@serene_xu ε₯½ηœ‹ε₯½ηœ‹οΌ


@f17_flora θΏ™ζ”―δΉŸε₯½ηœ‹οΌ


@nikeseptembriana g merhatiin. Kyny ada sih hahaaa


Tadi ada in gk sih bebeb @handayani_fitri


@nish_ax it looks so good get it !!x


I think I wanna get this one for graduation @simraaa_xo


@nimrahamthul the dark purple one


@nimrahamthul Nims this is the one I got


omg I love it!!


@marinebareilles il est top je pensais pas qu'il Γ©tait si foncΓ©


@elodieseguela je crois pas en avoir un comme Γ§a :p


Someone tell me the songggggggg


@zoemanclark this is the colour I got you πŸ’‹


@isildursbanee I have a lipstick similar to this shade, I’ll bring it next time and you can try it! It’s not matte tho.. πŸ™„


@ellestz @stylegourmand do you think this color would suit me?


Cant wait to buy them in Peru!! @maybelline when will they be available? :)

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