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Photo by @BrianSkerry | A large Tiger Shark swims within a shallow water region in The Bahamas that researchers believe might be a ‘maternity ward’ where pregnant females spend time before pupping. Despite a reputation as one of the most adaptable predators in the ocean, life for tiger sharks is not always easy. Over fishing and climate change can effect the abundance of their prey, making some years rather lean. Science is revealing this species to be far more complex with cognitive abilities and behaviors that show a highly evolved creature with fascinating characteristics. Divers that spend time with these animals frequently describe the ‘personality’ of animals they see often.
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Surrounded by Jacks | Photograph by Michael Monfore
“On a shallow reef just off the island of Sipadan, in Malaysia’s Sipadan National Park, our dive group encountered a very large school of Trevally Jacks,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Michael Monfore. “At one point, the huge ball of fish surrounded my wife, and the fish parted just enough to get this shot. The experience of being engulfed in a school of fish is magical, and for a moment, transports you to another reality.”

“This image portrays scale, abundance, and the dynamic orchestra of life that is present beneath the waves. I can hear the fish, the diver, and the busy reef through this visual. Deeply evocative capture.” — @natgeo Explorer and Creative Conservationist Asher Jay (@earthheiress)


Photo by @PaulNicklen // While photographing this southern elephant seal on South Georgia Island, I was caught by surprise, as this male flung a clump of sand over its body in a perfect arch. This behaviour is a tactic for keeping cool while on land. The largest of all seals, southern elephant seals can be recognized by their unique facial appearance, however, it is only males that have the large elongated noses. In the past, elephant seals were close to extinction because they were hunted for their oil. Fortunately, due to protection, their populations have been increasing. Today, close to half a million elephant seals can be found on South Georgia Island. #FollowMe at @PaulNicklen to find out about a dangerous encounter I had with a male elephant seal.


Featured photo by @elena_from_tver
Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPmotion
This weekend’s goal is to capture objects and scenes in motion, as in this photo by Elena Shevchuk (@elena_from_tver). Start with the movement. Consider the range of motions you can document that reflect different feelings or emotions, like the quiet and soothing way wind gently blows your friend’s hair, or the high-energy action of your sibling splashing in a pool.
Plan the capture. The way you document movement can bring another dimension to your #WHPmotion submission. For example, you could blur the action by tracking the motion of a bright car as it drives through a busy junction to create an abstract environment, or you could capture a cat midair as it jumps down from the furniture for a freeze-frame effect.

Play with creative tools. Slow motion or time-lapse can exaggerate the mood and movement in your submission, or multiple exposures can track multiple positions of someone moving through your frame.
PROJECT RULES: Please add the #WHPmotion hashtag only to photos and videos shared over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. If you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. Any tagged photo or video shared over the weekend is eligible to be featured next week.


El saneamiento del Riachuelo ha sido señalado por mal manejo de recursos. Por ejemplo, el 77% de los 250 millones de dólares que el Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo prestó a Argentina en 1993 fue gastado sólo en consultorías. Las intenciones continúan, ¿pero es suficiente? 🔍 #ExplorerInvestigation Mira ahora el episodio "Buenos Aires, Malas Aguas" en YouTube ▶️


“Morraine Lake , Alberta” writes @charlieandskyadventures


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around and around we go in one of my favorite buildings in Copenhagen - I posted a video from here on story the other day and a friend sent me a message saying that they built this 17th century church tower with a ramp to the top because the king was too fat to walk the stairs. Must be nice to be the king 👑 #myvikingstory @vikingcruises


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Tag @natgeomedia + #architecturelovers,我們會於每周分享主題精選照片。
September Spotlight :Architecture
Architecture is a kind of social art form.
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Sometimes the sharing economy can be double-edged and feature unintended consequences.
We continue our #overtourism series this week by sharing some ways travelers can help combat this problem while also having better travel experiences themselves.
Tip #6: Research your apartment rental to be sure it’s legal & doesn't do unintended harm to the local economy
Although Airbnb and similar apartment rental services can offer travelers excellent options for renting an apartment, depending on the circumstance this can sometimes come at a cost to locals.
As tourism took off in certain cities (e.g., Barcelona, Berlin, Reykjavik, Paris, New York, etc.), apartment owners removed rental units from the local market and instead rented only to tourists, as this made more money than renting to locals. This practice, however, resulted in the reduced supply of apartments available for locals. In turn, locals saw their rental prices rise, some to the rapid extent of no longer being able to afford to live there.
However, this doesn't mean that all vacation rentals are bad. Take, for example, this house in Hyrda, Greece (view from the balcony pictured here) owned by a family friend for almost 50 years. Outside of the several months a year she lived in it herself, it was empty. So last year she went through the licensing, taxes and paperwork to legally rent it out on Airbnb when she's not there. Travelers get a great place to stay (just look at that view!), a local person earns some additional money by maintaining and managing it, and the owner is able to earn money she wouldn't have otherwise been able to without the sharing economy and services like this. .
As we make our accommodation choices and engage in the sharing economy, consider at what cost and on whose shoulders these new economy shifts fall. Before you book that apartment on your next trip, do a little research to determine if it’s legal and helping the local economy...or hurting it. .
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