Maybelline New York

Which of these new eyeshadow palettes are you loving right now: #burgundybar, #citykits or #totaltemptation?




I like all of them, but I like the burgundy bar better!


When you all going to realse the beautiful palates in India.. we can't wait it anymore ...@maybelline


Bagaimana cara order


They all look so pretty 😍😍😍




@mnm.xo I want to take a look at these tmrw lol




The city kids


the burgundy bar Will be favorits


@maybelline will the #burgundybar be back in stock on #Amazon soon?


Whats the price of city kits?


@janeah_hames The saying is β€œonce you go Mac, you never go back!” Lol ! I understand what you mean about the money issue, makeup is a costly habit !




@beenishwardah ohh yes this is launched recently i think 😍


Burgundy 🀩 Gorgeous ...




Urban Light looks great!


Burgendy bar match my sceneπŸ˜‚


@reneepynn Nah I haven't actually haha I'm all about the cheap Priceline stuff, if I had the money I'd definitely Invest in some though 😍 YAY!! hopefully they have some more testers for you to give it a go! Good luck xx


All of Them 😍


@maybelline my loove πŸ’žπŸ€—


CityKits ❀❀


@00trayn all the ones I need


Why everything has red undertone ?




Vraiment déçue par la burgundybar !!!! A peine achetée il y avait déjà trois couleurs qui se décrochait de la palette !!! Vraiment pas contente


I used the Total Temptation palette just last night!!!!!

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