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All Aboard | Photograph by Sohel Parvez Haque (@sohel_parvez_haque)
In Dhaka, Bangladesh, people are so eager to return to their home villages to celebrate Eid that they hop on any train with available space. The Muslim holiday marks the end of Ramadan, and is celebrated by feasting with loved ones.

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stunning capture😊😊


nice shot 🙏


While the picture and motive behind it seem humble enough but it gives us a chill down our spine to think about the risk they have taken. It is unsafe to travel like this, isn’t it?


@elementsphotographyau Haha. I’m imagining it now 😂


😃😃nice one 😃😃


Awesome profile


So intense. I couldn't imagine being the the man who checks tickets. Haha.


That's looks scary!




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Great shot


Great shot


Each and every person's life depends on these trains😌😌😌😌


Such an epic moment




Thankyou for highlighting Muslims and their festival because these people are really going through a hard time and everyone ignores them so I thank @natgeoyourshot for giving importance to them


Woh, nice photo. Would have called it All Abroad




Great pic 😀


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