Pennie Swim

ā€¢ what I wish I was doing: šŸ‘†
ā€¢ what I'm actually doing: yard work
||Parrot Paradise $54||




seriously so cute!! šŸ’• I sent you a dm!!


Wish was at our pool.., instead in crummy Michigan weather still wearing winter hats šŸ˜¬


What I wish I was doing and what I'm actually doing are the same right now! I'm hanging out with my parents and family after Hadley's play today!


Wish I were on vacation, sitting on the beach doing nothing! Iā€™m actually in the desert doing laundry and cleaning the house! šŸ˜­


What I wish I was doing is sleeping in the hammock my hubby bought me! What I am doing is taking care if a sick baby, washing dogs, and budgeting today.

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