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Skogafoss Iceland. The landscape of Iceland makes me feel very small, insignificant. That's not a bad feeling to have. Happy Earthday! #iceland

SkΓ³gafoss Waterfall, Iceland



Wou πŸ˜„β˜οΈ exceptionally #beautiful,, only reminding me of a say DT; *Not all that glitters is #gold*
The calmness of the falls can make one think, water is not dangerous at any point of view,, look at the #eaglesnation above the #waterfallπŸ’–πŸ˜˜


@suhasaya please take me here. Thank you πŸ™


I've heard Iceland is ah mazing. My dance card is pretty full until 2020, though.






@charumehndiratta.93 haha... bahot hi jyda sahi jagah hai yr ye




@big_boss_g that’s beautiful! 😍 thanks man!


@sophiathecompton yea Iceland is the dream


@kary_118 re wow!!!!! Amol


@fitriananurul2 udah keliatan badannya lurus haha


@tyanprabowo wkwk kamu tau banget sihh


Itu yg pake baju kuning kamu? @fitriananurul2

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