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Photo @ladzinski / A #GreatEgret taking flight in the #Florida wetlands. These birds were nearly hunted to extinction for their feathers to be used for hats in the early 1900’s. Since that time they have made a tremendous comeback and can be found on 6 of the worlds 7 continents. To see more photos of egrets please visit @ladzinski


Kawasan Falls - Philippines ✨💚💚💚✨ Picture by ✨✨@timothysykes✨✨ go follow this self-made millionaire who travels the world while teaching others how to become millionaires too!


Photo by @bertiegregory. Whilst some species are heavier and taller, the wandering albatross has the biggest wingspan of any bird on the planet. Each one of their wings is wider than I am tall giving a total wingspan of more than 11ft. This enormous wingspan and some clever flying techniques make them the master of open ocean flight. It’s estimated that a single individual can fly 15,000,000 miles in their lifetime. We were lucky enough to encounter this beautiful bird during our 6 day crossing to the Island of South Georgia in the South Atlantic Ocean. Shot for a new @natgeo online series coming soon! Follow @bertiegregory for more wildlife.


Hidden Sunset | Photograph by Lucan Smith (@hybridpix)
Flying above low clouds, a drone captures a beautiful sunset over Newport Beach, California. The Pacific Ocean controls Newport Beach's mild climate, with cooler summers and warmer winters.

Today we are featuring @natgeoyourshot photographs selected for @natgeo “Photo of the Day.” To see more, go to #YourShotPhotographer


Lo vintage no quita lo cool. Si no, mira a #Sandro 🤘 ¡Comparte las imágenes con más onda de tus padres o tus abuelos en esa época con el hashtag #RockeandoLos70! 📸
Prepárate para el estreno de #SandroEnPrimerPersona. En junio.


Photo by @yesfira
Becoming a hairdresser was a natural evolution for 21-year-old Yesfira Sidorenko (@yesfira). “In ninth grade, I got interested in doing hair from watching online tutorials, and started practicing on my little sisters,” says Yesfira, who was born in Latvia and lives in Alaska. “After high school, I decided to go to cosmetology school, got a job as a hairdresser, and this is where I am today.” Braids were one of Yesfira’s earliest styles she worked to perfect, and she’s stuck with them through the years, adding in more complex twists, waves and updos for weddings and special occasions. “If I were going to #prom today, I would wear my hair in a loose mermaid wave, with my hair tucked to one side with a clip.”


fly by⁣ ✈️
digging how Mount Rainer sticks out from the clouds 🗻⁣ ⁣
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“Let’s get this Summer started!” writes @indythegoldendoodle


Kamishikimi Kumano-imasu Jinja


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