Pennie Swim

Hi👋🏻, It's been way too long since I've introduced myself on here--so here goes nothing!
• I'm Alli, a wife and mom to 3 littles.
• I'm a wanna be hiker, biker and scooter rider. • Diet Coke is my drink of choice.
• I am shy + can be awkward in group settings, but being a business owner is helping me step outside of my comfort zone.
• When I was 5 and couldn't tell what shoe went on which foot, I was worried I wouldn't be able to help my kids put their shoes on one day. Being a mom has always been my dream.
• I have become a huge advocate of sun protection since I lost my grandpa before I was born to skin cancer and the risk runs high in my family--hence the swimsuits😊.
• My nightly ritual has become so OCD, my door has to be cracked just the right amount before I can sleep...anyone else?
• I never pictured myself a business owner, but feel grateful for @pennie_swim and all of you for being the best support!
.whew!😅 if you made it all the way through give yourself a high five and tell me some unique things about you! 📷 @loved.up.light_photography




You are also the sweetest person on the earth. Remember when you saved me from starvation?? And are one of the prettiest humans I know!! 💛


CUTEST PICTURE! I loveeee your company!! & where is your shirt from?! It’s so cute!


Oh wow, i felt like i was reading my own introduction... aside from the drink choice!! Haha good to know you!


One time when I was five a stole a cookies out of your pantry. And I still remember it because I felt bad. 🤭


Love it! 👋👋


That’s cute that you can remember worrying about future kids at five ☺️


Sometimes rituals are what keep us sane!😂😂😂


Love it! Love this picture too.

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