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The World at Night photography
From a desert camping night on Earth to the heart of Lagoon Nebula, 4000 light years away towards the galactic core. This 40-second zoom takes millions of years with speed of current spacecrafts. The opening view shows my tent in the Atacama Desert of Chile, two years ago. The nebula appears rising above Licancabur volcano. The second part by @europeanspaceagency @nasa zooms very deep to the star-making center of the nebula. For the 28th anniversary of Hubble Telescope in space, this spectacular closeup image of interstellar gas in constellation Sagittarius is released (the last scene). Hubble has orbited Earth about 150,000 times (each 97 min). Learn on @nasahubble and
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A mysterious figure...


@elonmusk hey man! its breathtaking, isnt it?


Mind boggling ....


I want to go camping!






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Would love to visit this place! Awesome photo! 😍


Wow, that was simply amazing!! Felt as if I could reach out & touch it...can't wait till we can see further into the beautiful beyond.








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