Eleven years ago today we panicked as the sun set realizing the path back to our shop was too dark and ran out to buy tea lights to guide people into the alley for our very first gallery hop at our Brickel Street location. During that first year we met so many of you we are fortunate to still know today, most of whom with fliers on the corner when we realized that the path to our shop was similarly hard to find in daylight. In true first born with younger siblings style, I was unable to track down a photograph of the first location this morning so here is one of our first window at our current location. I am taking care of our youngest (@cubshrub grandview) today and Niki is working from home with our human child. So here is to a virtual celebration of our 11th birthday with a huge hug going out to all of you for keeping us open this long. #shortnorth #shortnorthartsdistrict #shopsmall #lifeincbus #socolumbus #asseenincolumbus #independentretailer




Cheers to 11 years! 🍾


Love your store!




Happy Birthday- always love stopping in the shop!


Happy Birthday Tiger Tree Family!!! You guys are killing it! We are proud to know you!




Congrats on 11 years!




Congrats. You’re a Columbus staple that we should never go without. Cheers! 😎




Happy anniversary πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰


Love your store! Cheers to many more!!


happy anniversary! still one of my favs!




Can’t believe it’s been that long!

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