@singlelifexx would you be able to dm us the link for the blog please and we’ll give it a read, thanks a lot! 😊


Greetings Beloved,
I write to just let you know that I came across you or your organisation at the Goddess event some weeks ago and have since blogged about it. Have a look https://natasha-henry.rocketspark.co.uk/blog/post/5594/Single-Life-AdventuresGoddess-Event-2018/

[Single Life Adventures] Goddess Event 2018
I went to an incredible event earlier in March called the Goddess Event and was blown away by the sisterhood and support among the attendees as well as the incredible talent, resourcefulness and creat
I am delighted to have had the privilege of meeting you or your representative and I hope to see you at future events. Feel free to share the website with your friends and family.
Wishing you a wonderful day and successful New Year.
Stay blessedxxxx


Looks so good 😍

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