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Thank you for all who asked about Tommen! He’s home, modeling his boots with the fur, doing well and back to snuggling in his @thecatball canoe! 😸👢🛶
Sorry for the late update, it’s been crazy here, so here it is: He spent 4 days and 3 nights last week at the Emergency Vet and at our Vet @athomeveterinarycareofme. He had a pretty bad blockage so his catheter was in for about 59/60 hours and it kept just letting “gunk” (I can’t remember the proper term) out. He’s now on special prescription food and will be for the rest of his life. I’ve been making sure he’s peeing and not acting funny. So hopefully all that is behind us!

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Oh honey! We had similar issues with Samson. He nearly died and ended up having to stay at the vets to have a catheter in for 10 days. Thankfully it worked. Sadly he was diagnosed with cancer only 3 months later, but of course you know that story already. I'm so glad Tommen is ok now, and the prescription food wasn't actually that bad. Big hugs 😘😘😘🤗🤗


Poor baby!!!


I’m glad he’s home and feeling better!


Awwww glad youre on the mend! Get better soon! 😽😽😽


@peekssou thank you! he likes the food so that’s good.


@nicothegreat_cat nope it’s pretty tasty! Thanks friends!


So glad to read this update! Keep healing Tommen 🙌🏻 I’m on that special food too 😼 I guess it’s not too bad.


Poor Tommen!!! So glad he’s home and feeling better. We went through the same thing with BK a year and a half ago and it was scary! He’s on prescription food as well and has mostly been good since then. No blockages or crystals, just some weird behavior when he kneads now. I’m still paranoid though, and squeeze his bladder on a regular basis to make sure he’s not blocking anymore. Hope the food is just as successful for Tommen! 💜💜💜


Glad Tommen is back home snuggling in. Hope the crystals stay away!


Oh no! How scary! I’m so glad he’s home and feeling better ❤️




Looooove the boots.


Feel better Buddy!!!😻


Thank god you're doing betterTommen 😘😘😘😘💜😘😘😘


The fur boots are pretty dang cute, though!


Look at that sweet sleeping fur baby!


Great news Tommen. 💜💜💜


So happy he doing better. Happy Friday Tommen. ❤️


LOVE THIS KITTY!!!!!!!!💗💗💗


Aww, what a cutie!


sexy boots!! ❤️❤️


So glad he’s home and ok!!! Nice boots 😹


😂😂😂omg those are the tiniest(&frickin cutest ) boots with the fur I've ever seen! Glad the little buddy is ok 🤗❤


@roswell_the_cat thanks guys! Boots always be in style!


I’m glad he’s home!!!! ♥️♥️


Oh no! What a difficult situation. Glad he is back home and doing better. 😽❤


Glad he is back home💙


I love the boots! Glad he’s back home and on his way to feeling better 🧡


Aw what a beautiful fur ball 💗😘 @thecatshive please feature this post

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