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If your coach isn’t this excited about a PB then is he even your coach? 🤷🏼‍♂️ @harry_owen95 .
Inspired by the awesome lifting down in Cardiff today by members of @welsh_powerlifting I decided to take my shirt off, throw open the gym shutters and bench 110g.
Very happy with this considering I’m full of fatigue, haven’t eaten today and didn’t warm up lmao.
Plenty of time to turn this into a legit paused bench opener before next comp comes around.
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44 The P.U.B



Fair play mate 110g sound light 🤷🏼‍♂️


@tinfoil_kevin actually a lot more stable and better for your shoulder health than flat back bench bro.


Dat back arch makes me 🤮 (don't beat me up, I'm sure it's correct! Just looks ming/breaky)


That’s brilliant


Touché sir!! 😂😂


@lordmountfordfitness 😂😂😂 not quite 😛


Not me ‘some’ might be saying that range of motion was smaller than me 😂


That arch doe


@strongsystembrasil I do not have Ebola thank you


Some say not a single rep was done 😂


Legends say, he’s still going


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