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Image by @joelsartore | Sable antelope like this one at @gladysporterzoo are crepuscular, meaning they are most active during dawn and dusk. They spend their time in eastern Africa grazing on foliage and herbs. They especially enjoy snacking on greens found on termite mounds.
The impressive horns this male is showing off aren’t just for looks. Adult sable antelopes are feared by almost all creatures, including large predators like lions and hyenas. When threatened, these ungulates will confront any predator, intimidating them with their 40 inch (101 cm) horns. It’s not uncommon for big cats to lose a fight with a sable. Because they hold their own so well in the wild, this species’ only major threat is humans. Poaching and loss of habitat have begun to deplete their populations, but thankfully there are many protected lands for them to roam in countries like Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique.
To see a full body portrait of this sable, check out @joelsartore.




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I saw a few in Botswana but not a herd.


This picture says quite a bit, As i see it. the photography vividly heralds whats at stake in need of help-this Antelope is the national animal symbol of the republic of Zimbabwe,Its\'s population decreasing due to trophy hunting,lose of habitats and the impacts of a changing environment due to climate change




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