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Photograph by @limauricio | Mauricio Lima
Imagine yourself living in a country where this scene has happened at least 400,000 times over the last 7 years or those who never had a chance to properly bury a loved one. Imagine a childhood where two-thirds of children are said to had their house damaged, destroyed by air strikes, or suffered conflict-related injuries. Imagine yourself being forced to flee a country where 5 million people already fled to seek refuge abroad or those, who could not then stay displaced internally living in deprived conditions in makeshift camps. It seems some world leaders cannot imagine any of those unfortunate experiences, since the brutal war in Syria is about to reach another stage of confrontation and violence. The statistics mentioned here are from a recent Human Rights Watch report.
Relatives mourn a loved one, who died after stepping on a mine in Raqqa, during a funeral ceremony in Kobani, northern Syria. For more about the conflict in Syria and its consequences, follow @limauricio
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‏Happiness is seeing your mother smile
السعاده ان ترى ابتسامة امك.

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Oo ölen köpek ppk li bir teroristtir


Annenin gözyaşlarınin gerçek olduğu kadar, oğlunun bir TERÖRİST olduğu da gerçektir..




@mlmccannfam (الله) وحده لاشريك له ☝🏻☝🏻الله يستجيب دعوة الكافر المطلوم كيف اذا كان مسلم مظلوم


Allah U Akbar ❤️🙏🏻


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God bless the people there!


They grieve, not mourn.


America✋Russia ...Syria 🕊


I can’t imagine what it would be like to face all of those terrible things in a lifetime. Stay strong 💪


But you post a picture of Saudi Arabia as if they are not funding the fighting against the Assad regime which is prolonging the war and sending more families into the desert......stop spreading lies and deception. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH


Muito triste! 😞


Stop bombing these poor Syrians!!


@t1smu what a substantial comment. How about you tell us more?


به امیدصلح جهانی باحکومت عدل خداوندبدست امام مهدی(عج)....دوستی..برابری..عدالت.صلح..




god help you the Arab people I wish to all of you nice living


@nicolas_krokowicz it not only you, who are sociologically corrupted by the darkness from American politics, who have presented the Islam in another way, by the way if you are educated so you must study about human being and human nature then you will understand whole game playing by the American political leadership behind violence in the global world. There is no religion but politics. Every religion teaches to peaceful life but no position wanting peace in people.


@khan_salym that's what they teach you. So brainwashed.. I actually laughed wen I was reading. Full of paranoia, always blaming others for your own mistakes. The people who've been shooting kalashnikovs in Syria for 7 years are Muslims, they are not the Italian mafia in America or Israelis. I love this.


@nicolas_krokowicz About Arab world it also corrupted by America & Israel, there in no matter of religion it's all about business. And the poverty don't belong to any religion it's because of illiteracy or political leadership behind all problems in the nation. You must be agree, most of Mafias are living in America and they have control on the country that's why every criminal are the and every crime is there in day to day life.


@khan_salym you will never admit it. I dislike American politics myself, but the Arab world is mostly poor and at war because of your own stupidity. You can't always hide behind that excuse, it was always like that. Afghanistan is poor because people live just for religion. Nothing else, they use and abuse of drugs and don't want to work.


@nicolas_krokowicz oh it's not a religious matter. There is American politics behind it, they use them due to illiteracy and keeping illiterate Afghanis are innocent due to poverty. American & European Union can't think for humanity they do show off to show there power, first of all they must to look for there people who are suffering from killing, drugs & all mafia.


@khan_salym by now we all know that's not true. It's the darkest religion there is. It's anti semitic, intolerant, homofóbic, it talks about slavery, war etc.. It puts women in a lower social position. You can't even eat porc lol. Keep it for yourself in Afghanistan.


@nicolas_krokowicz Islam teaches love, peace in social life. It's stupid in western culture who can't bear the happiness & peaceful life in the human beings.


Hola triste que este viendo lo de ese pais


my mother is beautiful to die, to die for freedom ✌️


Muito triste! 😞


@khan_salym it's because of your stupid religion


This is really sad... People who live in a WAR place are people as we all are 😔💔


Cuànto dolor solo por acaparar más poder

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