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bite size chicken cordon bleu bites 👌🏽

Astoria, New York

bite size chicken cordon bleu bites 👌🏽




Looks amazing..Where in Astoria?


i wantt


How yummy!!


Looks so good


I am a big fan of all bites with cheese inside 👌


@ross8tch720 haha...the answer is yes that is weird. But to each their own.


Wow this is my first day using instagram. I stumbled upon these pictures of food and I had to follow. Is it weird that I got hard looking at some of these pictures of food?


I love how you taleitalei.... sorry tell-a-tale with your dishes


Looks amazing 👌🏼👌🏼


ohh yes please!


I’ll take a dozen!


My YouTube is all about living in New York. Take a look! 🙌

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