Ximena Milagros Pérez Frankel

Oh hi there! Guess what?! I’m 9 months old today! Yep, a whole 3/4 of a year!! I got up really early this morning (just like I have been lately, I mean, who needs sleep when there’s so much cool stuff to do and learn now?!) and got to trying out some new skills I’ve been working on. For instance now I can not only pull myself up to stand in my crib, but I can also sit back down!! Oh and these blocks, well now I just love to bang them together ... them and just about any other 2 toys. And guess what, they make sound?! Yeah, so cool! That reminds me, mama and I started a weekly music class and we get to sing, and dance, and play with different instruments. I am still feeling my way around it as there are so many other babes like me there, so I’ve just been taking it all in and making new friends. Yay! Well, I should run (crawl that is) because it’s almost breakfast time and I just love to eat. I’ll try anything mama gives me and really enjoy it! Until next time! Bye-bye! 👋 (haven’t got the wave down yet but I’m working on it!) #happybirthday #9monthsold #babyfrankel #babyelian #whenlovegrows #queenslife #nyc ❤️

36 Forest Hills, New York



Muy guapo❤

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