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A Tornado of Starling Birds | Photograph by Bachir Badaoui (@bachir01)
“An incredible formation from thousands of starling birds from the sky above. [It is] almost like a tornado going to touch down with many birds,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Bachir Badaoui. “Seeing thousands of starlings flying together in a whirling, ever-changing pattern is a phenomenon of nature that amazes those lucky enough to witness it. The speed, movements, motions, and formations all connected together and work in a remarkable team effort. Not only [does] this experience inspire me, but I’m also researching on how murmurations really works.”

“There is a lyrical quality to this image. It’s simple while being graphic and dynamic at the same time. The serendipity of the single larger bird flying through the swarm elevates this image in my mind. And, the information in the caption is what takes this frame to the next level. I love learning that this shape is made up of thousands of starlings but also to understand more about the how and why behind this behavior.” — Assistant Professor at Rochester Institute for Technology Jenn Poggi (@jennpoggi)




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the bigger birth cant fly through it, that would lead to serious injury as timing is so precise and movement very swiftly. individual starlings atttune their directions to neighbours and independent behaviour. as such a bottum up process is happening


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It seems a crayon drawning! Wonderful!




Congrats on this feature, Bachir! So happy to see your amazing work here!


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Wonderful photography! The photographer's vision deserves real admiration.


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Starling murmurations are fascinating aren't they. I recall Bill Oddie on BBC Springwatch 'conducting' a formation down onto a reedbed with spectacular commentary. I have witnessed small formations flying over a ploughed field which was unreal.

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