Great Photo-Boy, Do I wish I was back home in NY! I used to live there when I was married! I love n Miss The East Coast! 😮😊🙏💙✌️🌷


Lovely photo. No experience like crossing this bridge. Thanks for sharing




Hey! Love this image.


Awesome composition! Those leading lines and light are soooo good


Amazing pic!


@ulvinni maybe one day but not yet)


@ibrahimov.khan we must come back, nigga 😼


@bvnnybear next time go here


@alfons_bricegno wow, I’ve never even heard of that book 😂😂😂


Is funny but I just discovered you because of the book “Read this if you want to be instagram famous”, and you are really inspiring, have a wonderful day. Regards from Belgium 🇧🇪, Alfonso @alfons_bricegno


Major Missing!


Incredible shot🔥


Great picture


Beautiful photos - as always!


Wow! Amazing. I still miss Manhattan! Thanks for the shot!👏👏😍


🙀 awesome shot dude


@mamahosp what about the low overpasses do you like? I’d always heard they were put in place for less then noble reasons but perhaps I’m mistaken?


@samhorine im glad he failed to build a super highway from one end of jones beach to the other! Also glad for his purposefully designed low overpasses on southern and northern state parkways👍




The colors duke the colors


@samhorine That is a beautiful photo and I meant no disrespect, Canada has similar challenges. The massive USA freeway construction in the 60s and 70s made for great super highways, but was very divisive to communities (and waterfront). Here in Canada our building spree occurred perhaps a decade later, so that communities had time to experience the problems caused by enthusiastic construction. Vancouver voters vetoed the downtown freeways once they had seen how Seattle was bisected.


Amazing shot!


Good stuff


@bayodome true true - honestly I’m so glad that Robert Moses failed in his attempts to build superhighways running across Manhattan


@jawn_nov right!? Afterwards I looked at his account and realized he was from Vancouver and thought of all the highways right along the water there 🤷🏻‍♂️


@jrrjapparelofficial more then what...my older photos?

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