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Top Shot: In Pursuit of Love | Photograph by Clement Kiragu (@clement.wild)
“This was the day that my favorite cheetah named "Malaika” (which means Angel in Swahili) had five suitors,“ writes #YourShotPhotographer Clement Kiragu. "She fought them for a whole 24 hours as she wasn’t ready to mate. It was my first time witnessing five male cheetahs going for one female. It was a day filled with action and suspense. Definitely a day I will never forget.”

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It looks like she’s lecturing them, too.




I witnesses the same situation for every girl in the disco


Toolbox talk before hunting 😄


😃😃 ooh look at that 😃😃


@billiepatten and we can’t even get one?


Stunning shot!💛💛💛


Outstanding shot ☺😆👈📷😊🙋🙏


Fuxking gross


@everyday_clicks_ they aren’t the same. Look at the angles from their shoulders up their necks to their heads. Different angles, very subtle but different angles. Look at the spots on the front legs, different. Look at those spots around the neck and ears again, not actually the same. They all have the same face, they are a bred that have all extremely similar facial features.


For love 😬


This pic is edited....i don't wanna spread hate ..but if you concentrate on the group of cheetahs then you will see..two of the cheetahs are same...they have the face..same sitting position ..even the same spots...


Beautiful shot 🖼🌼🍀


Indeed, this is a wonderful shot


@annajc4 your life is so hard


Nice work would you like to visit our profil as well and celebrate with us


It seems that leader( right) is saying "Follow my commands" but the followers are not in mood to do so.


Just amazing 😄😊👏


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Really beautiful caption, thanks


This’s so good


Amazing shot

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