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Image by @joelsartore | Black-naped orioles are found in many parts of asia. They are easily distinguishable among the trees due to their vibrant yellow feathers and distinct black facial markings. This particular black-naped oriole was photographed at @penangbirdbark in Malaysia. This beautiful wildlife park houses over 300 species of birds and has been a staple in the community for over 30 years.
To see another image of this oriole check out @joelsartore!






Gorgeous !! 😳


@carlotaisa3 OOHHHH que bonito es joe


@pilutorrelongas @luciardgz3 ORIOLUS ORIOLUS 😍 (Fin)


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It’s you @xchiaraaaaa 🍍


Stunning! Many congratulations! 👏👏








Here in the Philippines we call it "Kilyawan".


@emcbetts my feathers fall nicely on this side

natgeo شات و تبلیغ رایگان، برای شات رایگان دایرکت پیام بفرستید


kepudang wulu kuning #indonesian




It found in Ghana...I photographed one in northern part of Ghana.




#suchacutie 😍😍😍


@ulisses_assis Lindo! Depois procura no youtube "Birds of Paradise".


this is called Bene bou Locally


Burung Kepodang


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Que hermoso pajarito.....😍😍😍😍


Whattey beauty!😻😻


We call it "pari Shahrokh" in persian




..👍, called as Gold Kepodang in Indonesia.., it spread in Sumatra, Java, Borneo,.. 😁

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