Washington Wizards

🎥 @ottodayporter22 had career-highs in almost every category in ‘17-18 and finished 3rd in the NBA in 3PT%!




Otto da truth


Yet did not play a single quality minute in the playoffs when it matters .. I don’t get it


Great trade him


Love OTTO but he gotta go! So does gortat and mahinmi. We needa back up PG and PF/C


Still not worth his contract


Never should have game him all that money..,I called it.. not a max player by far..good rotational piece at best.. but we stuck with him now


OTTO!!!!! PLZ STAY WITH US 😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏


beal season


@romanthepizzafarmer I feel like he didn’t get as many touches as he should’ve been getting.


@skatem_2e yea I agree Washington don’t do good business 🤦‍♂️


@1_flymf Klay wouldn’t come here lol CJ could be a maybe but Lillard wouldn’t come because of Wall. I don’t see us gettin’ any good free agents mainly because of Otto’s big contract 🤦🏾‍♂️


@skatem_2e that’s true but I would try to make a move for CJ MCcollum, Lillard, Or Klay


@1_flymf I’m sayin’ if we do Beal can be used as trade bait if he doesn’t perform up to par


@skatem_2e drafting a talented rookie still not going to make Beal play hard because he has that big contract he been looking for


Imagine if they had Brad Stevens as a coach 🤯


@1_flymf Draft a talented rookie at the same position and make him work for it all over again because he’s too comfortable


@keepitamillie I guess lmao 😴 I didn’t feel the impact tho


@delonta_dickerson he was hurt. Had blood clots in his leg and still tried to play to help this team. Quit bitching and do research


@washwizards Yanny or Laurel tho....


Can we get rid of Gortat and mahinmi eating up all the money and playing like trash??


@1_flymf I agree except beal. I think he still needs a little bit more time


Otto trash 🚮 wasting bread on this nigga


Tell that pussy nigga Jason smith go homes


Might Trade Him He Ain't Playing To Win I Wanted Him from Georgetown but He Has Not Played Up To Potential Yet Yall Need To Fire The GM HE AINT SCOUTING RIGHT


He just need touches then he will eventually become an all star because his already a very efficient scorer.


He didn't do anything in the post season fuck out here


@tz_2468 Beal been in the league long enough for his game to be decent so his age should be no excuse especially when you suppose to be our number 1 shooter and go to guy to close out games


We need to get him 20 shots a game then all these people will stfu


@1_flymf bro Beal is only 24


Get a center that can shoot and hoop




Klay Thompson


@bossdogchristo yea they should and that’s why I’m saying trade they ass 😂😂😂, y’all keep saying Boogie to dc but his attitude to me trump his talent, I would rather spend my money on a decent Center and try to get Derozan, CJ MCCollum, Lillard, PG, or Kalyn when he becomes a FA

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