Questlove Gomez

Say It With Me: “Yaaaaaani”

Say It With Me: “Yaaaaaani”




Wait I always thought the dress was blue and gold


Ummm Laurel


@kelseyjob 😂 you're both wrong


@zoanna03 see, even @questlove knows I’m right! 😋


No not u Quest say it ain't so!!!!


@rabsafari too much time in your hands.


Once You hear Laurel you can never hear it lol






I hate to tell you but this sound byte is from the game Skylanders. The name of the character that the game is saying, Laurel. That's what her name is.


I keep trying to hear laurel but I can’t it’s fucking yanny


I hear distraction.


It's actually Laurel you read and see what you want to hear and see


I heard Yanny


All day I heard Laurel but when I watched Fallon I heard Yanni. Weird.


I mean they already showed the guy doing the original recording did say LAUREL.
But all about what frequencies you emphasize.
We all are have our specialties, Yanni people I guess are high frequencies, us laurel people is just RL.


I only here “yerry” like the Spanish way of saying “Gerry”. Which no one has heard 🤷🏻‍♀️


At least we have you questlove 😂😂


@questlove we on the same page 🤘🏼


I saw yaurel.😮🤨😉




@kalihawk Laurel is what I hear, don't see how yanni heard from that😄


@watch_nicky_go I heard Laurel lol


I heard both. 🤔

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