Wonderful Places

Mountain Coaster in Switzerland! Tag your best friends!!! Video by ✨✨@sennarelax✨✨ ❤️❤️❤️





@apri.lm omg no but now I want to!!


Have you been here before 😍@cindymoige


@angelinaiiren yang ngajak yang nanggung tiket👌


@baggit Yesssssss!!!! Must do!!


Un diaaa


@beerni17 berni q es eso dice la


@yourbrojoel this is us and the babies xox


@ely_x das ist doch heftig oder


@dda_vet2001 I saw it few days ago & told Harri let’s go there and try it, he was like that 😨🤔🤭🤐😲😧


@aishwarya2911 I have done this in US.. will check it out though! Thank you 😘


@anushagupta didi u shud do this if u go to swiss for ur hm... its really amazing...i missed it in Austria


@ruhi009 ohh yeyy im glad its there in swizerland tooo


@aishwarya2911 dis is what i was talking bout


@addiiee__m shit the ending part got me scared XD


@josevinchu ver para creer😌🤪😅

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