Wonderful Places

Mountain Coaster in Switzerland! Tag your best friends!!! Video by ✨✨@sennarelax✨✨ ❤️❤️❤️




@mlyanez5 come back!!!!!!!


Von Sieg und Ruhm hab ich verwirrt getraumt


@wonderwomanishere this is Switzerland I think


@dhinesh26 no, coz u also like going places


@jeromenzh haha I can have a look where we could do this :)


@tara_khilnani yes it is... let’s go together one day 😝


@zoheboy wow is this for real


Este verano 😎


Smooth as heck


@laxitarathore25 sein sai kaprai oder kr lathi h


@nicolayilmaz78 his face OMG will be so funny!


Would love to surprise dad with this lol


@nicolayilmaz78 omg this must be amazing!! 😂


@mehgigante yes baks try ko talaga to. Sa June pa mag open yan e!!! Kaka excite!!


En remontant ces bords heureux



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