Instant Karma Asheville

Meet the one and only, Dunbar, our magical fairy goddess artiste, who can be found at our West Asheville location keeping the place spotless and clean.

When she’s not here, she’s usually frolicking in the woods, rollerblading down the street, or karaoke-ing to Melissa Etheridge at local dive bars.

Her spirit animal is a T-Rex and her deity guide, the almighty D-U-R-G-A.

She’s also gives spectacular high-5’s ✋🏼 and has a knack for making any situation more colorful.

DOUBLE TAP to show her some love! 💖

p.s. You can shop her entire outfit - skirt, top, and sacral chakra glasses by @rainbowoptx - right here!

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Hell yeah, Dunbar is the one! ✌🏻

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