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Be Bold | Photograph by Kate von der Lieth (@wolfhawkstudio)
“I took this photo when a huge storm hit the California coast. The waves off this famous surf spot in Santa Cruz were about 30-feet overheard and stormy. The water was moving with intense power from the swell. We stood and watched three surfers out in the distance catch a few huge messy waves,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Kate von der Lieth. “Then this surfer walked out to the point. He got engulfed in the spray while looking, planning, and trying to time his jump. He timed it perfectly. We onlookers cheered in awe as he paddled way out to surf.”

A terrific moment captured in this frame, Kate. The body language of the surfer as he jumps, surrounded by the spray from the ocean, just adds to the natural drama of the act. Great description in the caption, especially the onlookers cheering him on. Hard not to be inspired by this scene.” — Assistant Professor at Rochester Institute for Technology Jenn Poggi (@jennpoggi)






👏 high drama. Great capture!


@rowdy_roddy66 I’ve surfed this spot. That’s steamer lane in Santa Cruz




Be bold, but not reckless.


Beautiful 👌👌👌


Jump like that with a surfboard makes no sense... fake!


Awe inspiring


Bat shit crazy man!!👍


Wow!!! So great! ❤


Love this amazing photo 😊👏🏼


So good😍








Beautiful..!!! Now I want to surf




A mad man.




Too crazy.


Too crazy.


Waw suicide mission ? 😂😂


Check PM




That dude jumping is the kind of person I want to be someday haha


Amazing, I am a Surfer, but would not be brave enough to attempt this bold move, congratulations on a brilliant shot!




Amazing ❤️


Loving this amazing shot👌! But I was wondering if anyone could go give me feed back on my latest post?🤙🌎✈🌊

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