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Photo by @ruddyroye // Captured #withgalaxy S9, produced with @samsungmobileusa // Tyquan and Lywan Reed strolled together past the Louis Armstrong housing projects on Tompkins Avenue in Brooklyn shoulder to shoulder, Black on Black with a sleeping Zuri in one arms. As they crossed the street I wanted to know more about the brothers and this little girl. “It’s tough being a single dad, especially when me and her mother are not together, but we stay in touch for Zuri’s sake. It is not easy but it feels great to be Zuri’s Dad. I absolutely believe it is a blessing, but at times things can be hard. But I stand tall and I stay focused because my family does help. I couldn’t do it without everyone helping out, ” Tyquan said.

238,269 Bedford–Stuyvesant, Brooklyn



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@gennadiy_myasnikov I’m sorry, the fact that that was really a rhetorical question must have escaped you. You sound ignorant, uneducated, and hateful. Have a nice life ✌🏻


@mrsamyelaine when gays are advertised as normal and healthy people


@gennadiy_myasnikov what, exactly, is “gay propaganda”?


Once a child is born, parents need to realize that if they are not living together they are bonded together for the sake of that child they brought into the world, and they did that happily! Negativity should never enter into that childs life on behalf of the parents doing. A child should be given love and positivity and that is what they will give back. I SALUTE the father here for giving this child a great start in life!


Mama q pa papa q




@denise.vaughn.3192 I love this post about them. You raised some good young men, mom.


Doesn't change that I'm disappointed in NatGeo :(


@co0lergod1 I didn’t. I criticized the commenters.


@mbladam don't criticize my family, I won't criticize you for not knowing better


I wanted to name My Daughter Zuri at one point in Time 😍


Rewarding story to read. Excellent example of family and responsibilities. All should be so caring.


Just humour. Chill bro,my life has not been a joy ride neither.try reggae music.


Como se parecen .......sois hwrmanos?????!!! Gemelos???!! Ohh bebé guapooo


Great photo!


What is he holding?


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@denise.vaughn.3192 these boys have them eyes only Kings have




@denise.vaughn.3192 these boys have them eyes only Kings have


They r not from the projects either the mother is apart in raising their child together they are twins who are experiencing life as adults ain't easy y'all don't know them 1 bit negative folks n racist comments means nothing just talk opinion of ignorance 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕


@denise.vaughn.3192 It was a joy to meet your sons. They were amazing young men. Thank you for raising such beautiful examples of human beings.


That’s what love looks like


It’s hard without a family network 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


@jeannererolle mdr OMG ! J espère ps un Ca suffit 😂




That’s wonderful

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