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Photo by @FransLanting It’s rush hour at a waterhole in Namibia where zebras mix with thirsty giraffes. Those long-necked animals have got ingenious plumbing built into their bodies. Their hearts are huge so they can push blood up seven feet to their heads when they stand upright. But when giraffes bend down to drink, special valves in their jugular veins close to reduce the blood flow to their heads and mitigate pressure on their brains. Is that enough to make you feel dizzy? Follow us @FransLanting and @ChristineEckstrom for more stories from the wondrous world of nature. @Thephotosociety #Safari #Namibia #Desert #Giraffe #Wildlifephotography #Wildlife

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pretty cool ! 😊




زرافه های زیبایی


@l_ahn aren't giraffes amasing


I wanna go to the zoo and see zebras


They are so beautiful 😍


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@owen_thrasher obviously they are just deer with long necks and spots



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