Ever since I was in 7th grade music was always what I wanted to do and in March on my 23rd birthday I kept saying to myself “what do I want to do?” and the answer kept being music. I have run from music in the past because I have chosen to believe that I don’t have a “big” enough voice and really it was always based in some sort of fear and need for control.
God has been teaching me that running away from the things we deeply feel called to just because we are afraid is actually disobedience. I think of all the people in the Bible who knew what they had to do and were terrified but still chose to have faith and trust in Him. All I know is that trying to control my own destiny isn’t worth the anxiety and effort. I’ve also prayed for clarity but God for some reason likes to give me free will and not a blueprint or map for my life.
Long story short, I have decided to commit my time and energy to writing music, my first love. I will be sharing more with all of you in the future! In the meantime please enjoy this original called “you’ll get my heart”. 💕




@hdpappy thank you!!


Great music,, never stop chasing your dream.


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@drew_menard, yes. I watched with the sound on. 😀


@dyaustin it’s better that way


@dyaustin did you watch with the sound on??


@haleyvanness thanks for the support my friend!!


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would love to get together and write with you some time!


@ginger_boyce love you and Dad so much!


@alliekrings thanks Allie!! I really appreciate it! 💕✨


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YESSS!!!!! This is fantastic news 😍 have always loved your voice, creativity, and passion for music!


PTL! You have finally figured it out! Do what you're good at, and don't worry about what others think. Just play & sing for Jesus! Daddy & I love you fiercely & pray for you constantly. YOU make my ❤️ sing! Mwah!


Aweee I love this 😭😍💕 This makes me SO happy! And I love love LOVE your voice!!


Loving it!!!🙌🏻💖




@madisynpokorny Hahahahahahah lol I doooo love her


Kacey Musgraves is that you??


I love this!!! Amazing ♥️


Beautiful 🙏🏻💕

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