Zak Bagans




@realzakbagans Had similar experience that thing fucks lives up!


@dada.mrt Ahahaha ! Ma hai visto chi è il troll che l'ha postato?


@sverio93 mi aspettavo il jump scare hahah


@frosty.titss oh okie thank u!


@loony__lyla no that’s the goat man he saw that made him almost blind in his new movie demon house! Go check it out! If you love ghost adventures you’ll love that movie


This documentary is one of the scariest ones I’ve ever seen. Being a huge horror movie fan - I don’t scare easy! But THIS- SCARY!!!! You are BRAVE!!!!!!! I hope this documentary won several awards!!!! 🥇 🏆 🥇🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆




Yo that 2 scary 4 me yo


I totally would eat a bitches face off if they tried to touch you. 😂 I'm like a rabid old yeller or something. I'm loyal AF. 💋💋💋


@danlloydbennett Halloween costume with me?


Am I the only one that thought "you belong to the mordeo now" ??


@emaige so what about this. Was this that thing for real. And is this actually the photo


I think it’s what he’s seen. I’ve seen something like this and it’s a representation of what doesn’t show up on camera. Not real but real.


Hey im avible but im off n on line sumetimes


@n_cjones Luckeeeeee!!!😍😍😍😍


@bitcheslovepots scrolling through his feed and seen ur comment! I met him the other night! Check out my page 🤣 i was like a 16 year old meeting Justin Timberlake 😂😂 btw ur pots are amazing💜 but u already know thAt 😘


@levikuijer I only started when I first saw ghost adventures and now I'm obsessed with Zak bagans


@tomcruiseloverno1 I have been seeing ghost all my life and even got one on picture in my window😂 but they scare the shit out of me when I’m home alone




@_jacob_nardy_ goatman or Devil?


I'm a kid to and I can see ghost and it is not creepy? Maybe because I can see them it's not so creepy for me. P.S just gotta believe to see.


You found a picture of me with no make up "How rude" 😜

That is scary I am a kid i watch it it is creepy it look like the devil


Puke city dude


I was expecting a jump scare


Wtf is that


very cool zak


Oh doing some rituals r we?? Lol🤣🤣


Did you send a drone in the air bro?


Is this a picture of the actual goat man that Zak saw in the house?


what's supposed to happpen? dont see any movement...

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