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**CLICK LINK IN PROFILE TO PURCHASE A SIGNED PRINT*** “Buffalo in the Snow”, is now available as a flash sale print for $100.00 for three weeks only, starting May 6 through May 27.
Made in Yellowstone National Park in 1966, this image was part of my first essay I wrote and photographed for National Geographic. The image was taken while in a helicopter, and in this case, the buffalo seemed to challenge us as they plunged through the snow to face us. The combination of the deep snow and then downdraft from the helicopter and the swirling snow created an almost water-color like palette for my Kodachrome transparency.
This print is currently in private and museum collections and in large sizes sells for $3,000-$10,000. This flash sale print is a 6” x 9” image on a 9” x 11” paper. It is an archival ink jet print on archival watercolor paper and is signed in graphite pencil on the front border. It is a perfect gift for a young aspiring photographer or for anyone who loves photography. At a price of only $100.00 it is a bargain not to pass up. All prints are shipped via USPS priority mail.

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@williamalbertallard are you still selling this print?






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@josephoholmes I was kicking myself, too, and now the same print is sold out. I hope you got one! @williamalbertallard please keep them coming if you can! I lived near the Basque Country for years and your photo speaks to me on such a deep level. I love your work.




In love with this picture!!!!




How do you find the link for purchase? Thanks


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Absolutely stunning. literally awestruck.


This is breath taking


@giuugliaa questa è fotografia cazzo, questa è roba nuova che mi carica a bomba


@bakikotn çok iyi gördüm şuandaki halim 😀


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Amazing picture 👌🏼🐋🐬


Ultimate photograph! 😍😍😍


I have just order one of these masterpieces. Thanks a lot, William. I always follow your images/articles in @natgeo since I was a teenager. You are a true inspiration for me.


Great image of Bison.


Great image of Bison.


This is incredible!

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