β€œ I’m not a stop along the way.. I’m a destination!” - Blair Waldorf, my favorite NY girl πŸ—½

Entire outfit from @Zara
Bag: @gucci

43,294 Wall Street, New York



Beautiful pic


big sister, notice me😍😍😩


@zara what is the name of this jacket


Love this look 😍




Damnet I miss gossip girl!


@luvsumkey it was APRIL fools joke


Hey , are you not accepting anymore Gifts through your P.O. Box 😩




@mimi_kass type in Blazer with contrasting trims on zara


@itsyourwcw_ type in Blazer with contrasting trims on




@slaylikeablackgirl thank you !!!πŸ™„


Omfggggg 😍😍


I love this quote! I'm definitely adopting it thanks


I’m living for this look.




So sis not pregnant? Wtf


Check out lingerie store @cottoncandy4adults all together


@_slicck_ just give my boy another chance omgggg. Ima keep this up me nuh careeeee




So those aren’t Givenchys on ya feet??



Love it πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ


Micro is back baby


Love the look babe!! 😻


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Blairrrrrr❀️ my favorite gossip girl

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