Danye Phillips

How do you feel when you smile? Do you smile often enough? I had reminded to smile this morning 🙃This morning I was grabbing coffee from Starbucks on my way to church and was contemplating my check list for the day for my business, Mother’s Day, driving home, consultations, dinner, and everything in between. Sound familiar?! A man sitting by the window waiting for his coffee looked at me and said something to the effect of, you have a very contemplative, passive look on your face. I immediately thought, oh my gosh what am I portraying on this beautiful Sunday morning that I am so grateful for today? I am genuinely very happy today and I’m in the business of helping people to live their happiest, healthiest life and showcase that to their family, friends, clients and most importantly, themselves! I was so concerned with my todo list and creating content (my sister @heather_boo5 did a photo shoot for me this morning) that looked really fun and showcased a happy and healthy lifestyle that I forgot to live it in the moment! In the way this man reminded me to take a step back and smile and not take life so seriously today, hope this post brings that to you! We can still get our todo lists done and be happy and healthy and enjoy our time with family and friends and we can smile while doing it! Happy Sunday everyone!
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Wish you the best for 2018! 🙌

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