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@johnwall’s best highlights from the 2017-18 season!




Better than kyrie


@wilber.20418 descarga ese manoo


Kelly doing fortnite dances in the last clip


@cityyoungin15 I compare the 2 b/c DeRozan is a better scorer, & better decision maker with the basketball from all over the court. Who runs both PG & SG duties ! Wall is only speed up the floor & hope to draw a foul ! I Like him, but I see him in the club to much Poppin bottles instead of perfecting his craft, getting better from everywhere like a DeRozan & Oluadipo! One game winner don’t mean nothing, it was exciting to see but be consistent. You might want to purchase court side seats like I do sometimes to watch him up close in person before putting all your stock in Wall ! Again good kid / decent player , & great in the community but isn’t as good as he could be b/c he lacks in some areas ( doesn’t have a complete all around game ) his shooting is suspect !!!! not saying Beal is better, I wouldn’t of given Beal or Potter Max deals , stupid decision making on Managements part, b/c they not them types of dude ! Do the Wizards need to pull the trigger on acquiring better talent to help Wall yes ....they should made a play for Vic, we need to get Cousins but still the other questionable part about Wall is his leadership skills at this point with his current teammates who aren’t going anywhere b/c of their deals! So with that being said he does need to do more since we don’t have enough !


@dcskingiw he is PG and please don’t put Derozan in the same sentence as Wall, Lebron don’t own Wall soul like he owns Derozans. Second thing is Wall does more than enough, the people that need to up there Game are Beal Otto and Oubre and Markieff. They let us down the last game of the season, all they had to do is beat the Magic and they didn’t. So the fact that u direct all that towards Wall but his supporting cast is lackluster is off to me. They had a chance to be the 6th seed and couldn’t beat the Magic. Naw Wall is doin what he supposed to do, Beal has the opportunity to shine and he failed multiple games at the end. He’s not clutch. Wall has a game winner in the Playoffs and averaged 26 11.5 5 2.3 and 1 in the Playoffs. So I’m yeah


@cityyoungin15 yes I did ! I was in attendance, your correct it’s coming a long but for what he’s getting paid in the present, it needs to be more then coming along! It needs to on point @ all times! Besides he’s been here for more than 3 Year’s now! You got players like DeRozen who has an all around better game than Wall, DeRozen’s mid range , drive , 3-Pt. & decision making is more advanced . Another player to mention hometown kid Victor Oluodipo has a much better all around game then Wall & Vic’s getting paid less! Love Wall , he’s a great kid ! But we need more from him for what he’s getting paid! More so better leadership, to much me against them in the locker room ! It shows on the court! Teammates spoke to it while he was out ! “ we all eating” leadership is also putting others before yourself & not you just getting all the Shine all the time!


@dcskingiw hey his midrange jumpshot is coming along nicely, did u see the playoffs? And he missed half the season.


Dawg simpile




Only other pg like John wall is Russell Westbrook and Dennis Smith jr @jalen2.0 @egfromva @bo_siegel @barrett.lathrop


@realtrit6 first play one of nastiest of all time


@keefmorris5.0 too strong 💪💪


@shaunfortson15 he just man handled that first dude


Delicious plays


What? @keefmorris5.0 top 1 fym 😂


@liamreilly tj is an offensive threat


@francois_berteloot tellement easy aussi celui là


Beal + Wall=👑


Ok that’s great ! But can we develop a consistent outside shoot to go with the highlight drives & dunks JW ! Thanks


Just nasty Mr. Wall!


He’s my favorite player and this is my favorite team and I live in Minnesota lol


@drew_boland8 best in the east!


Top PG in East


😂😂 fuckin goat fym @_reloaded_


@quinn.armstrong too bad we’re getting @boogiecousins in the off-season


@max_nicklas7 it’s okay but our team made it past the first round👀👀

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