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Photo by @johnstanmeyer - Towers of humanity, apartments in the densely
populated city of Shenzhen, China. - @natgeo @natgeolearning @natgeocreative #china #shenzhen #housing #apartments #density #population




@brirdc vaya tela!! Jaja cuidado con la música alta 😅💃🏻😜


@brirdc Hay balcón cada dos pisos...parecen duplex!😋


@irechinger @vbnalonso @nuria_granero Para que os hagáis una idea 😂


@keelinthegame aesthetically appealing


Too tall


@ldav.x imagine the lift broke


@tina_malea I don't know where you live, but have you seen the miles and miles of empty space in the West?


Jjajaja algo parecido amiga @asbely


I have enxiety just looking at this..👌👌


Illd love to live her so long as i don't get to use the stairs😋😋😋


The apartment looks like a bird cages where is surely very crowded in the densely populated city of Shenzhen, China!


Kamar akeh tnn


Nice name - towers of humanity/ in these days life in a city is so machine like that Humanity seems to have taken a back seat .


@rushinconcussion def trypto! But mainly made me think of that Dana Carvey bit.



Looks like a death trap. An earthquake or 🔥 how to escape amd how long would it take?


Concrete jungle..


Oh my god, no.


@l_o_l.a.l_e lola ne Kine wow


Город Киев


Печерские липки))))


Apartments are domiciled cubicles and compartments being apart from each other by walls and doors!

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