We are pretty stoked at how these new Columbus enamel pins came out! Designed by @howesdesignservice #shortnorth #socolumbus #asseenincolumbus #shortnorthartsdistrict #shoptigertree




Will you ship me one of these to north carolina?!


@yagirlfergie these would be cute!


@howesdesignservice for sure! Keep up the good work 😘


I ❤️


@helvetikat you never know where I’m gonna show up 😎 that pin would look great on you 👍🏻


Ahhh @howesdesignservice! I thought this was you! Love the pin. Will have to pick one up for myself.


@yumyumseth haha I’m glad I have a recognizable style man 😎


Love it! Didn’t see them on your store site- will they be added soon?




@howesdesignservice knew this was you the second I saw it! Awesome stuff


Very cool!


Ordered! Can't wait to wear this all over SoCal #represent#614


@theheirloomtomatos thanks Chelsey! Couldn’t be for a better brand either. Glory to Columbus 💪🏻


Congrats @howesdesignservice those are awesome!


Oh my god!!! Need! ✨🌈🌹






Dude that is money. Wow, they did a great job articulating the design.

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