World Whisky Day was yesterday and I took full advantage of it by drinking some stellar and diverse Whiskies. What did you indulge in this weekend? 💭⬇️
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Top shit! Very nice 👍🏻


@smalltowndiva it is pretty damn good


@tonightspoison 15 year. Thank you. Excited to try ours. 😀


@smalltowndiva which one, but both are great


How is the Tomatin? We have a bottle, but have not yet opened it.


@ziowhisky thx bro. Hope all is well


Enjoyable poisons selection over there. Cheers buddy 🥃💥🥃


tomatin 88😍😍😍😍 my birth year...I would kill for samples of these haha,wow brother looking amazing. What amazing bottles! Happy weekend my dude hope you had an amazing Whiskey day and weekend




@mchads1 nice selections also


@rolexwhisky I try sometimes 😜


@dallaswhiskeyhunter it was great man. This is the batch #1 that I still have some left of. They are now on Batch 3. It's aged in Bourbon and Port casks for 25 years.


Awesome! Great collection!! I and friend drank Nikka pure malt, suntory toki, Dalmore 15, four roses single barrel 😊


Nicely done my friend


How’s that Tomatin 1988?

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