MVP Bullies™️

Watch Zeus aka Baby Bear 🐻 #TOROxCapri grow with his new family and be spoiled rotten with his Brother🐶 @titanzeusbullie @jasonahardi @muzikconnect




Dem teddies fat


@sylviepecora have a look at there babies


I’m Gunna get a pit bull but I have to put 1000 down deposit before I can keep him in mah mansion


The chest on him💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼


How old is he here. What a badass dog!


what a cutie


I need one of y'all's puppies in my life LOL


Love this boy!! 😍❤️


Beautiful bb, but wasup with the distraction?


Hard to focus on that dog 🐶... anyway beautiful puppy


Gorgeous eyes 👀


Look at this kissing dogs


I'm so in love with this baby!!!


What's wrong with her chest ?


So fuckin beautiful 😍🙌💪


Zeus, her face is up there.


I didnt even see the dog


Aww what a cutie 🐶❤️❤️😍😘


Quit kissing them dogs in the mouth. Nasty 🤢

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