MVP Bullies™️

Watch Zeus aka Baby Bear 🐻 #TOROxCapri grow with his new family and be spoiled rotten with his Brother🐶 @titanzeusbullie @jasonahardi @muzikconnect




@mvp_bullies hahahahahha well played


@mvp_bullies don’t attack my my people.... and don’t kiss your dog on the mouth, it’s disgusting


@mayc55 go worry about animal cruelty and not someone kissing a damn dog. When you probably been with grosser guys then kissing a dog.


@mayc55 I can help you... keep it moving. Don’t watch. You know what makes me sick people torturing dogs and blowing them up w fireworks and leaving them outside with no food and water... so if this makes you soooooo sick..... keep it moving.


@mvp_bullies ..Disgusting!!!! Every time I see dog owners do this I feel like throwing up, sometimes I do. No matter how much you love your dog, don’t kiss them on the mouth...dogs eat shit, suck their own dicks, lick other dogs bums. There are so many ways you can express your love to your dog other than kissing them on the’s grosse. Please stop doing it and making a video of it and posting it on social media. Its very disturbing


Dem teddies fat


@sylviepecora have a look at there babies


I’m Gunna get a pit bull but I have to put 1000 down deposit before I can keep him in mah mansion


The chest on him💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼


How old is he here. What a badass dog!


what a cutie


I need one of y'all's puppies in my life LOL


Love this boy!! 😍❤️


Beautiful bb, but wasup with the distraction?


Hard to focus on that dog 🐶... anyway beautiful puppy


Gorgeous eyes 👀




Look at this kissing dogs


I'm so in love with this baby!!!




What's wrong with her chest ?


So fuckin beautiful 😍🙌💪

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