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Photo by @CristinaMittermeier // The helplessness one feels when you encounter a wild animal that has either ingested or become entangled with manmade materials is downright devastating. This female steller sea lion has swallowed a fishing lure and cannot get rid of the strong monofilament that forces her to carry this piece of fishing gear dangling from her mouth for months or even years, principally causing her distress as she tries to feed her newborn pup. She was not the only animal entangled in fishing gear we saw on an expedition up the coast of British Columbia and without professional veterinary services in these remote areas, there was literally nothing I could do. The best way for us to help is to stop our addiction to plastics. Take the @NatGeo Pledge to stop using single-use plastics like utensils, straws, plastic bottles, and plastic bags and if you are a sports fisherman, mind your line! #Followme to learn more about how to help protect the ocean at @CristinaMittermeier
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Heart hurt


Omg this breaks my heart. Please tell me somebody removed it. Update?!


@beaelwen this instagram is so upsetting I feel sad looking at these posts but its setting awarenesses






We 3 siblings have been avoiding plastic bags from many years. Also I have stopped plastic vials for medicines... I dispense in butterpaper😊 It gives me peace that I am doing my bit


😍😍😍😍😍 wow love it!


@taylaarosexx stop! πŸ˜ͺ this makes me so so sad!




@natgeo @cristinamittermeier why couldn’t you get professionals to help them remove it; instead of doing nothing? I don’t understand.




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So sad😒😭


im not sure how i even commented on this , think i was hacked


So, so sad image.


Que crueldad


This just breaks my heart... blame evolution (food chain superiority) or ignorance or just zero exposure to how much damage are we creating?






Heartbreaking 😒


@rarcigaa sí 😟 pobrecita


@jaydenicole, not sure the vegetarians will agree with you on that...i think we as humans need to dispose of wastes appropriately while we find alternatives to plastics


@vernis_georgina es un anzuelo? πŸ˜“


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