Midtown ATL

Progress is being made at the Midtown MARTA Station! To celebrate the mural’s arrival in #MidtownATL, we will be hosting a community painting session this Thursday, May 24th. Between 12 - 2 pm, participants will have the opportunity to help our artist, Andrew Catanese, paint a section of the mural and contribute to this placemaking initiative. See you guys there 🎨! #ArtBoundMidtown

264 Midtown station



Looking forward to taking pictures here @danstheschmidt 😊


@farawayfemme It’s gonna be gorgeous :)


@laingers7 look at how pretty this MARTA is gonna be 🤗


@midtown_atl can’t wait! Thanks for all of the work you do. 🙌


@farawayfemme Just wait until the furniture is here! It’ll transform the space.


So excited to see beautification of a MARTA station! Can we do this to the Inman one next please 🙏☺️?

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