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Film by @kitracahana // Find link to film on my Instagram account. //
Stephane Alexis, 24, has put his own goals and aspirations on hold to help his parents care for his younger brother Torence, who has cerebral palsy. He spends upwards of 20 hours per week caring for Tor and has noticed the toll that caregiving can take mentally as well as physically. “It’s not an easy job. He needs you for everything, so you have to be taking care of him 24/7” Stephane says.

Young caregivers are an often overlooked population with millions of children and young adults caring for loved ones with little access to emotional as well as financial support.
Find the link for the full short film - Caring for Tor on my Instagram account. @kitracahana

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Very true. Something people like myself don’t think about.




Love is the most wonderful gift, to give . Bless these caregivers .!!!


Amazing people


Waaaw, Amazing!


My 6 year old has traumatic brain damage and she hasn’t had a nurse or Attendent in weeks. So I of course take care of her. It’s hard to work when situations like this come up. I’m also a student so it’s scary missing days and knowing it could mean possible failure... especially when you do it all for your kids.


What The POWER Of LOVE can Do


This is the life need emotions heart


Ese es amor de hno.😍👏👏


Its really one if the bitter truth everybody can encounter, we feel we are done with life on our happiness, again which is just a time bond. But knowing others, knowing their emotions, connecting with them, that feel is literally beyond that heavens. I often use to visit thses old age homes, orphanages a year back when I was hometown. The only emotional support to them, which then I could do for them. It doesn't matter whtr you are supporting them financially or nt... But the real love, that warmth, that one hug those old eyes trying to convey not to leave them, its more like a (reverse) the care they show in us.... The only good deeds of mine made meet such a ppl in life. 🙏


Que bonita escena

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