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Photo by @CarltonWard // One of my camera traps, which I checked last week, produced this photo of a bobcat winding it's way through cypress knees and over a downed tree in Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge. This is one of my favorite and most challenging camera sites. My goal is to show an endangered Florida panther amidst the quintessential south Florida swamp habitat that has been necessary for its survival during the past century. But since I first placed a camera trap here in 2015, the swamp has been flooded with water for 70 percent of the time. I've captured an amazing alligator photo, some good bear shots, and now this bobcat, but not yet a panther image that rises to the promise of this location. And now the rainy season has started again. Hopefully I'll get a couple more weeks of when this drainage is still a dry trail, and maybe a panther will come through. If not, it will be another 8 months before the water subsides and I can try again. Meanwhile, I am thankful for this bobcat that came through in the twilight hours to show off its beautiful forest home. My #PathofthePanther project with @NatGeo is about using the story of the Florida panther to inspire appreciation and protection of the Florida Wildlife Corridor so we can keep the Everglades connected to the rest of America and provide and path for the northward expansion and recovery of the panther, for the benefit of all of the other species (and people) who rely on its domain. Please follow @CarltonWard for more hidden wildlife. @FL_WildCorridor @USFWS @myfwc #FloridaWild #KeepFLWild

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que linda es la naturaleza cuando te comen un tigre


Awesome 👏


Such a cutie


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If you do not damages the habitat of big animals like this you save ourselves! !!




@jem_zoc yeh but they’re fake panthers




I hope it pans out . I drive through here all the time hoping to catch a glimpse myself of one at the fence line, though I know it’s highly unlikely. So here’s to hoping.










excellent shot!


@miranda.sly Rusty boi😻😻😻


Q bella. ❤❤


OMG! Awesome!


Pretty sweet bobcat 😍




So beautiful. Excellent job




@bydenzelbrooks oh that's y they're called the panthers



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