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photos by @vincentjmusi
Tolliver, Monty, Django, Bear and Mary Anne, 2017-2018

Not every dog thinks having his or her portrait made is such a great idea and I wonder at times if I’ve lost a bit of my inner Dr. Dolittle.
I present a selection of photographs where things didn’t always go as planned from my personal work with dogs.

You can’t learn from your mistakes if you don’t make any, you can find more of mine @vincentjmusi


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@snm100 when adam builds me a studio in our new home I want to invite dogs over


I love dogs 🐶 💗💗


@annekmety quand je te dis que tu es belle 😂😍🤗


@caarolaiine percival com certeza estaria nesse combo.


@zibabel je suis passé à travers ton commentaire... j’avoue trop beau !!!!


@aleighwosewickk #1 is me this morning


@tori_saylor so we’re getting 4 dogs together. I’m down with that.


@___hediyeh___as nazar baz beram behet halim bedam dahanet service she😂


@___hediyeh___as cheqad inja narahat bofi☹️


@_clayton_snyder_ this made my day 😍😍😍


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@haw.majed فتحي عينج يول ☻


@chicken_leg88 yo quiero el que esta cerrando los ojos! Que ternura

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